Google’s K-12 Cybersecurity Guidebook (Update)

Secure Your School with AppsEDU

Schools are at the forefront of cyber threats, facing sophisticated ransomware attacks that can leave them vulnerable. The newly updated K-12 Cybersecurity Guidebook from Google offers valuable insights and best practices to strengthen schools against these threats. At AppsEDU, we align our services with these critical principles.

🛡️ Security Audit Our specialized Security Audit service helps schools identify and address vulnerabilities within their Google tenancy. By assessing your current security posture and aligning with best practices like secure authentication, real-time monitoring, and upgraded systems, we help you create a robust defense against potential attacks.

👨‍💻 Remote Admin Support: Technology teams at schools can lean on AppsEDU technical expertise for seamless Remote Admin Support. We work closely with you to configure and maintain your Google tenancy, and support your users. With our support, your IT administrators can effectively manage risk and mitigate attacks.

🚀 Get Started Today: Whether it’s an imminent threat or a preventive measure, AppsEDU is here to support your institution. Our 10+ years of experience working with schools ensures that you are well-protected and can focus on what matters most – education.

Contact us at appsedu.com and ensure your educational institution is safe and secure.

James Sayer

James Sayer

Asia, LATAM, and Middle East Director

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