Unlock the capabilities of Chrome OS
with Chrome Education Upgrade

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What is Chrome Education Upgrade?

Chrome Education Upgrade empowers IT to create educational environments for teachers and learners to thrive in, with enhanced management, security, and support capabilities.

IT administrators working in education face the same challenges as any other industry: finding the right path to digital transformation while juggling security, scalability and cost.

Chrome Education Upgrade leverages the full capabilities of Chromebooks and Chrome OS to counter rising teacher workloads, free up IT resources and give educators more time to focus on learning outcomes – without compromising security.

Chrome OS Upgrades

Transform devices for standardized testing, enable SSO login, and set up automatic re-enrollment.

Device Management

Choose from hundreds of policies to deploy, manage, lock down, and secure devices, all from the cloud-based Google Admin console.

24x7 IT Admin Support

All this, with the added benefit of Chromes OS troubleshooting assistance. Call Google at any time if an issue comes up at no additional cost.