What is a Google Certified Coach?

The Google for Education Certified Coach Program empowers instructional coaches to drive impactful technology use in schools. 

A coach is an educator who spends the majority of their time working 1:1 with teachers.

Coaches help teachers address classroom challenges by adopting new instructional strategies. K-12 coaches who are looking for a structured, research-proven set of strategies to drive impactful coaching interactions and technology use should get this certification.

What are the requirements?

The Certified Coach program is designed to be completed over the course of the school year. The curriculum takes approx. 20 hours to complete and the coaching portfolio is designed to reflect many weeks of working 1:1 with teachers.

Google recommends that coaches invest time in putting together an application that demonstrates mastery of the curriculum and 5-step coaching model. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and you should receive notification on your application status within 4-6 weeks of your initial submission. There is no cost associated with taking the final assessment or applying for certification.

Apply to become a Google Certified Coach

How can AppsEDU help?

As a Google Certified Coach Partner, AppsEDU provides a mentorship model that provides 1:1 support for your coaches and administrators and works with you to align coaching goals with those of your district/school.

Our mentors provide the structure and guidance necessary for the coaches to implement strategies to support personalized classroom challenges through the 5-step coaching model. 

Using a collaborative dashboard, AppsEDU mentors work 1:1 with coaches and administrators in goal setting and coaching cycle reviews. Our team will guide coach participants by aligning coaching goals with those of the district/school and identifying new areas where support may be needed in the future. Our mentors will work with coaches to measure teacher satisfaction and experiences with coaching as well as short and long-term teacher and student progress in the frequency and efficiency of their impactful technology use. 

AppsEDU provides:

  • Structure and systems through a research-proven coaching model including the Coaching Dashboard
  • Dedicated program mentors
  • Guidance through Google’s coaching curriculum
  • 1:1 consultancy with school administrators to amplify the impact coaching has in your school 
  • Access to Appsevent’s exclusive group for sharing

For Coaches looking to apply for

Individual Coaching Package


For schools with a new coaching
program or looking to develop.

School Coaching Package


For districts without a current
coaching program.

District Coaching Package

What’s my next step?

Fill out our request form or contact the director in your region.